In-Kind Donations

We accept lightly-used towels, blankets, pet toys, natural chewies, kennels, crates, leashes and other practical goods. We do not accept pillows or items that cannot be laundered. If you're in doubt about whether we need an item, call us at 415.554.3029. Please note that we do not pick-up donated goods; they must be delivered to the San Francisco SPCA's Mission Campus or Pacific Heights Campus during business hours.

You can drop off in-kind donations at any of the following locations:


You can also donate dog beds and cat towers by going to and choosing one of the items. It will be sent directly to the shelter. If you're a mountain climber with used rope, drop it off at the Leanne B. Roberts Animal Care Center to participate in the Ropes for Rescues program.

What We Need

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Tiny BART Tickets Program

Donate those BART tickets with just a few cents on them to the San Francisco SPCA!  Through the Tiny Tickets Program developed by the East Bay Community Foundation and BART, tickets with residual value are redeemed and the proceeds given to local nonprofits. Drop off your tickets at our hospital (201 Alabama St) or Adoption Center (250 Florida) during regular business hours.

Community Thrift Program

For all those items you'd like to put to good use, but are not suitable for the SF SPCA, we've partnered with Community Thrift San Francisco. Donate your used, saleable items to the Community Thrift Store in San Francisco and designate the SF SPCA (#63) as beneficiary. When the store sells your items, a percentage of the proceeds come to us. For details, visit Community Thrift of San Francisco or contact the store at 415.861.4910. Be sure to ask for a receipt, and check to make sure the proceeds of your donation are going to the SF SPCA. Please note, we cannot assist in pickup or delivery of items to Community Thrift. 

Donate your rope at the SF SPCARopes for Rescues

Recycle your old climbing rope through the Ropes For Rescues Recycling Program here at the San Francisco SPCA.

Ropes for Rescues is a San Francisco-based recycling program that donates 20% of the dog leashes made from each rope to over 80 different Animal Rescues and  Shelters. Where has your rope been?